Lucky 13

I currently have 13 days remaining in the United States. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. Craziness! My summer has been spent packing, traveling, prepping, and more packing. As the days are flying by, I am cramming to get everything done.

Today, I popped into CHS, my alma mater and the school I taught at last year. I was reminded of why I want to teach. The students. Seeing even just a handful of my amazing students from last year absolutely made my day. I’m looking forward to trying something new this year by teaching strictly English Language Learners in Spain, but I will definitely miss my beloved Wildcats. Thank you for making my first year unforgettable. I look forward to staying in contact with you all and hearing your future successes! #onceawildcatalwaysawildcat

I know this journey wouldn’t be possible without all of the support I’ve been given from family and friends over the past few months. Words aren’t adequate enough thanks; I don’t see how anything could express how thankful I am. For those of you who put up with my impatience during the application process, for those of you who made me a better teacher, for those of you who helped me move or pack, for those of you who are simply taking the time to see me before I leave, for those of you who are sending words of encourage from hundreds of miles away, I am so grateful for your presence in my life. Hopefully (even if I haven’t convinced you yet), you’ll come visit me abroad at some point during the nine months I’m in Spain. 🙂  Cheers!




Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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