On my way…

Today is the day I officially begin my Spain adventure! I have three hours remaining before I board my flight to Barcelona. The trip from Nashville to Charlotte went smoothly, almost too smoothly. We boarded without a problem; we left a few minutes early; we hit no turbulence; we even arrived thirty minutes before schedule! I hope this easy going vibe continues, although I’ve never been that lucky with flights. Coming from the girl who has endured lengthy delays, last minute cancellations, and missed connections, I feel like I just won the air travel lottery!

I am currently in the Charleston Douglas International Airport, snacking on stir fry and sipping on a smoothie, charging all of my electronics, and writing this mind blowing update.  The CDIA is one of my favorite airports I have been to thus far because it’s not too overwhelmingly large (like the Atlanta airport) but it’s not too option-lessly small either. For instance, there is a coffee place other than Starbucks, multiple sweet shops, and even a wine bar! They have various seating options, like barstools, lounge, and rocking chairs. Through my exploration so far, I have discovered that terminals C, D, & E are the best, offering lots of dining and shopping choices. If you are a Pokemon Go fan like myself, you will appreciate these terminals for the abundance of pokestops and gym battles. Sadly, terminals A & B are pathetic in comparison. Luckily, my flight to good ole Barcelona flies out of terminal D, so I’ll get to grab some yummy frozen yogurt before taking off.

To blow some of the time during my layover (other than writing this blog), I will be touching up on some common Spanish phrases and I will be finishing up my current FutureLearn Course. If you haven’t taken an online course with FutureLearn, I strongly believe you are missing out. There are so many topics covered in different programs, and the best part: IT’S FREE. That’s right! The courses are free. I’m about to finish a course titled “Exploring the World of English Language Teaching.” This course has reminded me of some material that I had forgotten from my college classes and given me several resources to use while I am teaching in Spain. Plus, I am a total nerd who gets super excited about free things, especially education, so I am a big fan of FutureLearn!

The delicious smells of the cafe a few gates down from mine is calling my name, so I’m going to wrap up this layover post. Thanks again for reading! Please feel free to like, share, and follow for future updates 🙂 Looking forward to sharing my Spain adventure with you!



Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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