The Two B’s

My Spain adventure began in Barcelona after a nine hour journey across the Atlantic. Five days is not enough time to do and see everything there is to do and see in this grand city. I’m not sure even a month would be adequate time; however, I did manage to get a taste, enough to hook me to come back. The city is made up of various flavors from beaches to mountains to tourist traps to hole-in-the-wall eateries. History leaps at you from practically every corner whether it be a museum or gothic structure. Art catches your eye as you enter a number of plazas. Boredom simply does not exist in this magnificent city. Cafes are open in the mornings to enjoy a sweet pastry with your espresso. Restaurants and bars serving menus of the day and unique tapas will keep you full for whatever adventure you have planned. Performers inhabit most main streets and parks. The night life doesn’t even begin until midnight and doesn’t end until the sun comes up. Needless to say, it is not the city to sleep the day away in. It is the city of opportunity, and I tried to fit as many opportunities into each day as possible. Barcelona shall always have a piece of my heart.


After the Meddeas’ Orientation at the end of the week, I was free to move on to Bilbao, my home for the next nine months. Oh what a lovely home it is! This area also has mountains and beaches, but the estuary is by far the best part! In the few days I have been in Bilbao, I have seen a swimming competition and kayaking taking place in the estuary. Large walk ways lined with various vendors, sitting areas, playgrounds, and markets are situated on both sides of this flowing water. It seems like the life source of the city. During the next few months, I am looking forward to discovering all of the ins and outs of this magical place in Northern Spain!


Quotes from Orientation Day: “Spain is similar in size to California, yet it has more bars than the USA.” “You can get anywhere in Spain in one hour or less by plane.”

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