Three S Weekend

For those of you who didn’t know, my amazing boyfriend has arrived in Spain! 🙂 Now I get to see the sights and go on adventures with him! Yay!

To start off our month of travels, we hit the slopes at Alto Campoo Ski Resort. Chris, the newbie expert skier from his time near Mt. Hood, showed me how to walk (because snow boots are complicated), pizza (so I could sort of stop in the skis), and turn (when I was about to collide into someone/thing). I only fell four times the whole day, so I would say my first effort was a success! He, of course, was skiing backwards in front of me and skidding to a stop without difficulty (my showoff). The resort itself was stationed just outside of Reinosa, two hours west of Bilbao. It had several trails for beginners and intermediate skiers; advanced skiers are probably better off making the trek to the Pyrenees ski resorts. I did not go on a aerial lift this time (it only went to the advanced slopes), but I did take a conveyer belt up the side of the mountain and even did the rope tow as well! I’m looking forward to going skiing again; hopefully next time though, we’ll be at a larger resort with a fireplace in the cafe. In movies, I always see people taking a break from skiing to read by a fire and drink hot cocoa, and I want to participate in this cliche.



I didn’t fall that time down! Photo credit goes to Chris 🙂

After the long day of skiing, we headed an hour North to a coastal city called Santander. The sights were beautiful, but the cold rainy weather kept us from wandering the streets too much. We did get to taste the excellent seafood available in Santander though. At Siboney, we had some Spanish white fish noodles with shrimp. Delicious! And later in the evening after our spa appointment, we had calamari at Cafe Los Castros. The service at both cafes were wonderful, and the wine and homemade carrot cake at the latter cafe did not disappointment either! What makes them even better though is that we just by chance stumbled upon them when we were looking for some other recommended restaurants.

Yes, I did mention spa earlier. The Oriental Spa Santander to be exact. After a day of wearing out our muscles skiing, we decided to treat ourselves. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, offering us cleansing juice before and after our massages. The ambience was relaxing (when you walked through the door, you felt transported to another place entirely), and the prices were more than fair for the quality of service. Definitely check it out if you’re in Santander and looking for some relaxation!

So my three S weekend (Santander, spa, & skiing) was a great way to start off our month full of adventures! Next weekend, we are headed to Rome. If you have any tips for Rome, please leave a comment or message me. I would love your advice/recommendations. 🙂 And if you have any questions about Santander, Alto Campoo, or Oriental Spa, I’d be happy to try and answer them. Thanks for reading! Stayed tuned for more Christmas break recaps and future traveling updates.




Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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