Wizardry in Barcelona

My first impression of Barcelona when I visited it in September was that it was overrated. Interesting. Too touristy. Beautiful. Inconveniently massive. Complex. Basically, I had mixed reviews after spending four days there; however, I was able to revisit Barcelona this past weekend, and although it’s far from my favorite city in Spain, I thoroughly enjoyed my two days there. Firstly, not being jet lagged made a huge difference. Secondly, I did not overwhelm myself by over stuffing my itinerary. Thirdly, I was much more confident in speaking Spanish and navigating the city with my friends. So if like me, Barcelona didn’t win you over the first time, give it a second chance. I’m looking forward to visiting it one more time this summer before I travel back to the States.


The main reason my Meddeas friends and I flew to Barcelona was the Harry Potter Live Orchestra Concert. It truly was a brilliant sight to see and hear! The Orchestra was centered in front of a giant screen, where they projected the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. As we watched the movie, the live performers would play the scores, magic floating from their strings and horns. My mind still cannot grasp how they recreated some of the songs on the stage; the sounds were enchanting. If the HP Concert comes to your town and you are any sort of HP fan, I highly recommend you go!


The rest of our time was filled with various sightseeing and tasting. We toured the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Music Palace), which was interesting even for a nonmusical savvy person such as myself. The palace contains a magnificent concert hall, where the most minute detail has been decorated with floral design. We also did a quick walk through the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelona’s National Art Museum) before it closed for the evening. It’s free on Saturday afternoon, which is always nice. Although the exterior of the building is magnificent, after seeing the masterpieces in the art museums of Madrid and Paris, I was not too impressed with Barcelona’s.

Music Palace

We had cake and coffee at the SPICE Cafe, where they continually brought in fresh cakes during our hour perching on stools at a small table. The cafe is small and cozy, but the carrot cake is worth any wait or seating inconvenience. Seriously. Check out the SPICE Cafe if you are looking for a yummy treat!


For brunch, we ate at the Milk Bar. Best decision of the weekend. The brunch menu, titled Recovery Brunch, offered several different options, from tasty savory dishes like omelets and burgers to sweet dishes like pancakes and french toast, for a very reasonable price. I chowed down on the Penny Farthing Pancakes, a stack of banana walnut pancakes smothered in syrup and topping with greek yogurt. Yum! I’m excited to try their sister restaurant Firebug on my next visit.


I also was able to check out the Picasso Museum later when my friends caught their earlier departing flight. The story of Picasso’s artistic evolution was quite fascinating, and the museum itself doesn’t take long to complete. Definitely worth walking through if you have time to blow and are in the old quarter of Barcelona! Bonus, it’s free for everyone on Sunday afternoon!

As always, please feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback. I love hearing from my readers, and I am very excited to share my upcoming Easter adventures! 🙂 Stay tuned to find out where I end up! Cheers!



Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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