My Castro Holiday 

I spent this sunny international worker holiday with friends in Castro Urdiales pier walking, calamari eating, sun bathing, and tea drinking. This quaint mini version of Santander is just thirty minutes outside of Bilbao, uniting mountains with the sea.

The city is quite beautiful! (ignore my finger smudge)

When we first arrived in Castro, we explored the grounds of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Castillo de Santa Ana. We were able to walk through some of the small castle and tiny lighthouse, but the church was closed due to the holiday. If you’re in the area, these two sights (15th century Gothic style church and early 20th century castle) are definitely worth seeing!

Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Castilo de Santa Ana

After our touristy visits, we grabbed some tasty calamari from Texas bar and walked along the piers (there’s two here!). The weather was on its best behavior today, the sun smiling down on us. There were some giant steps leading down to the ocean on one side of the smaller pier, where we lounged for a bit listening to the waves crash along the rocks at our feet.

Ignore the squints and check out that pier!

Before heading to the bus stop, we popped into El Patio de la Rue for some tea and cake. This unique cafe is both a coffee shop and boutique, so you can sip and shop. Super cute and cozy!

El Patio de la Rue

I had a relaxing, fun-filled morning with these ladies; it was such a wonderful way to spend our day off! Castro Urdiales is a quick and easy trip from Bilbao; I’ll definitely be back to soak up more sun before I return to the States. Thanks for reading, my awesome supporters! 🙂 For all of those hard workers out there, I hope you had a restful day! Cheers!



Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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