Rome, Italy: my next big adventure!

I will be moving to Rome for the next academic year! 🙂 Surprise! Super excited! With the conclusion of the Meddeas program fast approaching, I decided to mix it up and apply for English teaching jobs in different countries, my first pick being Italy. I absolutely adored Rome when I visited a few months ago, so I put it at the top of my list to explore more. Most academies in Italy immediately turned me down because I was not an EU citizen and would need to apply for a work visa, a lengthy process that most schools avoid like the plague. However, one academy decided that I’m worth the extra hassle, and I am so thankful they have given me this opportunity. Now I can say for certain where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing this upcoming fall; I will be teaching English to various aged children at the Greenhouse English Academy in Rome while taking Italian language courses and also second language acquisition related courses, which credits I can apply to my future master’s degree. Yay!

When in Rome, reenact the Lady and the Tramp scene.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, here is a post about my first visit to Italy. Chris and I flew into Rome on Friday evening, where we kicked off our Valentine’s weekend getaway with some good ole Italian cuisine at Al Tettarello. We started with an assortment of bruschetta and then split a salami pizza and plate of mushroom fettuccine. All the people who have preached to me before about fresh pasta being heaven were not lying. Sooooo good! We didn’t even wait to take a picture of the masterpieces set in front of us before digging in. If you’re in the Monti district of Rome (or just in Rome in general), I highly recommend making this restaurant one of your eating stops. Our final meal in Rome ended up being here as well because it was just so yummy!

With our bellies full, we wondered around the Monti district, viewing the Colosseum at night. What a magnificent sight! The play of lights and shadows was beautiful. It blew my mind that in Rome we could walk past a ruin that was over 2000 years old and it was no big deal. People passed it daily on their commute to work. That will be me next year!

Low quality picture of a high quality experience.

On Saturday, we began our morning at the Spanish Steps with a free walking tour. The tour itself was informative and hit major scenic spots in the downtown area, including the Pantheon. It was an incredible experience walking around such an amazing building. Again, I was blown away by the ancientness of it all.

Next, we visited the Colosseum and the surrounding ruins of the Roman Forum. Wow! Just wow. Not only being able to see but to touch and feel the history was such an incredible experience. I mean this is a city that can’t even construct a new metro line because they keep finding more and more ruins. We got lost for a few hours weaving through all of the fallen columns, partially existing rooms, and well conserved paintings. There was so much to see it overwhelmed us.


Please ignore the plastic bag…it was keeping the street art we bought safe and sound.

We, of course, participated in the Italian aperitivo, where we sampled various Italian foods buffet style for solely the price of our drink. Amazing! We ate way too much suppli and gelato as well. Italian food has definitely captured the attention of my taste buds, and I can’t wait to explore more of the cuisine when I return in September.

If you have any tips for me during my future extended stay in Rome, I would love to hear them! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Cheers!

**Because it was a holiday during the weekend we were there, the Vatican was closed so no museum or chapel for us. On the plus side though, the Pope was giving a speech in celebration of the holiday so the Colosseum was pretty empty!



Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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