Until Next Time

On this breezy Sunday afternoon, Emily and I wandered the winding streets of Casco Viejo reflecting over the past nine months as we snacked on pintxos and sipped fruity wine. We delayed the conclusion of our meeting reminiscing over our favorite trips, contemplating what we will miss about Spain, and sharing our excitement for returning to the States soon. As the hour struck and we parted, I realized that today was the first of many ‘farewell for now’s.

They say that April showers bring May flowers…but what about everything else that drifts in and out with May? Shouldn’t there be some warning with the happy go lucky saying? Like, not only do you get May flowers but expect the month to turn your world into a giant storm of worry and wonder until you’re exhausted from wishing and waiting for weeks. It’s not as catchy, but it’s definitely more straightforward about all of the change that comes with May. And why isn’t there a clever quote about June? June is the conclusion of spring and the start of summer. June is a month of change just as much as May is; an ending and a beginning.

For the past several years, May and June have been months of endings. Five years ago, I graduated from Clarksville High School. Four years ago, I said adios after spending my first month abroad in Spain. Three years ago, I hugged my first group of GSH scholars goodbye. Two years ago, I graduated from Austin Peay State University with a B.S. in English Literature. One year ago, I concluded my first year of teaching at Clarksville High School. This year, I completed my Expert in Bilingual Education course and first year of teaching ESL in Spain.

Oldies but goodies!

For the past several years, May and June have been months of beginnings. Five years ago, I was accepted into Austin Peay State University. Four years ago, I hopped on a plane and began my first Spanish adventure abroad. Three years ago, I began my journey as a GSH counselor in Neverland. Two years ago, I was hired as a ninth and tenth grade English teacher at Clarksville High School. One year ago, I was selected into the Meddeas program in Spain. This year, I was offered a TEFL job in Rome, Italy.

Oldies but goodies!

May and June are full of growth, doors opening and closing. No other months seem to carry so much weight as these sixty-one days of blooming springtime. May and June terrify me. May and June excite me. A fluttering fills my chest as I hold my breath through the waves of these months. May and June are both promising possibilities and inevitable endings. They are truly magical, and I’ve always been a sucker for fairytales. So as I pack my suitcase and mull over my nine months spent in Spain, I am preparing myself for a bittersweet rest of June. The next few weeks will be filled with happiness and melancholy, hellos and goodbyes, the new and the old. And just in case, during this upcoming whirlwind of moments, faces, and places, I don’t have a chance to express my gratefulness, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey so far. Here’s to the next chapter! 🙂 Cheers!




Love laffy taffy jokes, traveling, hot cocoa, reading, adventures, teaching, and hugs :)

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